DevBlog #35 Agility Rooftops, Inventory Rework, New Team Members & More

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With July already underway, the researchers here at MineScape HQ have been hard at work. Concocting a brew with the right balance of Agility, Quests, and Inventory changes to release into the wild. So let's take a sip of what's become available.

Agility Rooftops

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a player doing rooftop agility!

Race across the rooftops to be the first player to get 99 Agility, but be careful crossing those tightropes, falling will cause you to break your ankles and dealing damage. Would be a shameful way to lose your Hardcore status...

Available Rooftops:

  • Level 10: Draynor Village
  • Level 40: Canifis
  • Level 50: Falador
  • Level 60: Seers Village
  • Level 90: Ardougne

Currently the only way to start Agility is at the level 1 bridge in the Morytania Swamp, with Gnome Stronghold not being far from the current build map.

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Inventory Rework

Get ready to stuff more loot into your pockets with this update! The inventory has been transformed to more closely resemble the style and size of Old School Runescape.

This means you now have the complete 28 slots with a revamped UI for the inventory screen. Additionally, some items had been made equipable due to the limited inventory space, which has now been reverted to be consistent.

Other notable features include the Quests and Skills tabs & Friends and Cosmetics tabs being merged, each now accessible via left & right-click in the player inventory.

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Helping New Players

We have implemented a few ideas to help new players with the start of their adventure into the world of MineScape. A tutorial quest arrow will now direct players around tutorial island, whilst regions have been set up to restrict players from going off task.

Adventurer Jon, located just outside the Lumbridge castle entrance will give early-level tasks and rewards to all players except ironmen. You may also claim the combat start kit, to help get a kick start with a basic set of iron equipment.

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Black Knights Fortress

Something afoul is going on at the Black Knights' Fortress! Help out Sir Amik Varze of the White Knights in Falador put a stop to their secret weapon brewing deep within the bowels of the fortress. Enlist now!

You can start the quest by talking to Sir Amik Varze in Falador on the 3rd floor of the White Knights' Castle. Having this quest means we will have 45 QP and are one step closer to having slayer task blocks.

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New Team Members

We have welcomed some amazing new and returning team members! And created a Quality Assurance role to help with development and push updates out at quicker pace.

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  • Landon | Builder, Q/A
  • Marlamin | Builder
  • Ruby | Builder, Q/A
  • Pournjack | Q/A
  • SecretCow | Helper
  • Burthorpe | Skin designer

Want to join our friendly team?

Head on over to and follow the instructions to enquire about a role.

Merch items in-game

Thanks to our amazing modeler Regorty <3, when you purchase a hat or mug on the webstore, you will receive a virtual copy of it ingame.

People with existing purchases will have to open up a ticket on discord to receive their ingame copy. Account information for new purchases made after this update will be requested in an email.
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Mob Changes

Slayer masters and tasks have been overhauled, each mob now has their correct mob slayer type and slayer tasks have the correct level and quest requirements. Bosses such as Bryophyta and Obor are now counted in their appropriate mob types for slayer.

Due to the big difference in changes, the player's current slayer tasks will be reset. But don't fear you won't lose your task streak and go to any slayer master and request a new slayer task.

Multiple mobs have had their stats and attack styles corrected to more accurately reflect their OSRS counterparts. For instance, some of the lower-level mobs will now deal lesser damage to the player due to their corrected stats.

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Ranged Combat

Turn your enemies into pincushions with throwing knives, which now have their proper stats and are usable. You can craft them with the appropriate smithing level at a anvil near you.

Ranged distance has also been adjusted to include long-range styles, allowing you to engage targets from an additional 2 blocks away. Additionally, the targeting system has been fixed, so now any target you're able to engage within distance will correctly start combat. Previously it would not start combat if NPCs were considered slightly too far away, but you could still target them.

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Elemental Battlestaves

Orbtastic! Whilst there is a limited supply of battlestaves, we have implemented the magic spells capable of charging unpowered orbs at their respective obelisks. You then can then craft the powered orbs combined with battlestaves to create the elemental staves.

Along with this change, you can now enchant all of your jewelry without the need for a combat staff, just by having the required runes in your inventory and selecting the spell.

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Abyss Runecrafting

Get your essence ready for the grand re-opening of the Abyss. Our abyssal demons have been working hard to make sure that you don't need any fancy talismans or tiaras to work the runecrafting altars through their dimension.

For players that have the required level, this means the ability to do Law runecrafting is now a reality when entering from the Abyss.

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The additional builders accepted into the team, were given the task of designing the Brimhaven Dungeon, where they supposedly, literally could not f*ck it up. They did such an amazing job that we wish to share a sneak peek for you all.

After much deliberation, skills packs will be disabled after 12:00PM (GMT) July 31st and replaced by something to come in the votepool and daily rewards. Make sure to open all your skills packs before this date, as to make the most use out of them.

Make sure to keep an eye out in the discord for polls, we recently had one for upcoming quest development, where Animal Magnetism has taken the surprising lead. More polls will be posted soon, so keep an eye on the discord.

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  • Add /hop
  • Add Olivia's draynor seed market
  • Add barrows degraded message
  • Add Edgeville general store
  • Add greggs eastdoor as two handed
  • Add long & curved bones to droptables
  • Add quest_points to scoreboard
  • Add quest_points_total to scoreboard
  • Add shift right click to bakers shop in Ardougne
  • Add tool store cached withdraw amounts
  • Add coin amounts to item name
  • Add self level up message
  • Add silk merchant purchasing silk
  • Add basic gem fletching bolt tips
  • Fix /hub
  • Fix scoreboard clear and reset
  • Fix herb droptable for Abberant Spectres
  • Fix aberrant spectre prayer drain
  • Fix essence pouches not updating in inventory when repaired
  • Fix construction spam when entering buildmode
  • Fix teleport to house when no house purchased
  • Fix stats when updating combat style
  • Fix /items not showing boss drops
  • Fix churnables not giving back bucket
  • Fix quest book not opening for some users
  • Fix construction cape teleport
  • Fix ham items not tradeable
  • Fix friends online world
  • Remove join messages when in wilderness