Devblog #6 Beta Release Date & Voting

TLDR: Date subject to change, and please note it is a beta!

We have come a long way and it is now the time you have all been waiting for, beta release dates!!! Also up this week is player voting rewards, double xp weekends and capes.

Release date

Planned release time is Friday the 8th of June, yes in 5 days we will be opening up the server and welcoming you all into the world of MineScape. The server is already setup and running as expected.

Friday June 7th times:

  • 9:00PM GMT
  • 5:00PM EST
  • 2:00PM PT


Voting is all setup and started recording votes, meaning you can start voting now and will receive all votes upon logging in! Vote rewards are currently 1 skill pack for every 4 votes, meaning you can receive 2 skill packs each day just for voting! More great rewards will be added in future.

Links can be found here: so get voting!


We are always looking for new ways to enhance the feeling you get when playing MineScape to be as close as possible to RuneScape but with the added bonuses of Minecraft. So at the start of this week we got a modeler to start work on capes for the server, and my do they look awesome!

Have a look for yourselves:

Double XP Weekends

One of the last things to do before we release is to implement double xp weekends, which will not be very hard to implement. So you can look forward to this during opening weekend.

Staff Applications

Want to be apart of this awesome team? We have opened applications for staff/builders. As we grow we will need players to help look after the server.

Feel free to apply here if you are feeling up to it!

Thanks for your patience

It has been a long road to get this up and working for everyone, so save the date, looking forward to seeing you all on opening day. Remember to join the Discord and follow the Twitter!