Devblog #5 Quality of Life & Memberships

This week has been spent focusing on quality of life aspects for the server, from scoreboard, to shop interfaces and even a clearchat command. We will also delve into memberships and voting.

Quality of Life

Scoreboards are now dynamic, meaning you can alter them to your pleasing, there are many variables such as <health>, <clan>, <attack>, <defence> etc. This gives a great range of customization for players, the scoreboard can also be toggled on/off.

Other improvements this week is the ability to display buy/sell prices for items in the shop interface (shown in image). Previously you had to click the items and it would show in chat which could sometimes be hard to read whilst the inventory was open. Things like this are easily implemented elsewhere to improve general gameplay experience.

Members & Voting

Memberships along with donations are vital to keep the server up and running, but along with this it will provide us with the means of creating new ways for users to enjoy the server.

Because we value this contribution to the server, members will be rewarded with early access to features such as maps, more ge slots etc. As minor but useful improvements to the game and as a thank you to our dedicated players. These features once tested will be available to all players, so fear not.

Voting within server list websites is a great way to spread the server to new players. We will be rewarding everyone who votes with in game rewards with additional prizes for users who vote often.

That's a wrap folks!

By the next Devblog, the store and voting websites will be fully functional, even though you might not be able to join the server, rewards will be stored and received upon joining the game. Remember Beta is here in June!

Thank you for your patience, we are almost there. Don't forget to share this update, join the discord and follow us on Twitter. Looking forward to next week's post!