Devblog #4 Logo, Video & Beta

Everything is coming together, our new logo has been polished and finalized, promotional video is out, and we announce a release time frame for the beta


We feel comfortable now to release an estimate on the beta release window, and its not far away!

Our beta will be available early June, yes that gives us just over 2 weeks to get everything ready for all you players to enjoy the beta. We hope you are as excited as us with this announcement!

Trailer Video:


As you can see at the top of the blog, our new Logo has been completed!! We will have many more works done in future showcasing parts of the server. But for now we are very happy the artist was able to take our vision and create such a stunning logo from it


I've spent the week improving clue scroll maps, clue scrolls in the beta will include treasure maps where you find the marked location on the map and dig the ground with a spade to receive your loot. We look forward to players coming together and working with each other to find all the locations

Clue scrolls will be for everyone and will drop on mob/npc kills, and you can only have 1 clue scroll of each level (easy/medium/hard/elite/master) at a time. I will also be looking at implementing other clue scroll types

Another big part of the week, was improving performance of the server, mostly this week, hunting down memory leaks. Using Jprofiler, I have managed to monitor and remove any memory leaks found

Hope you are excited

Well that wraps it up for this week, I really enjoy creating these progress blogs for everyone to read. Watch and share the video, join the Discord, follow the Twitter and Instagram. See you all next week!