Devblog #3 Clues and more

Welcome back to another devblog, there is a lot of exciting news this week


Following up on last week, a new logo is being created and is almost finished! The very talented artist has been working hard, and we are happy to be able to show you a sneak peek

We hope you like it and can't wait for it to be completed!

Clue scrolls

On the agenda this week was clue scrolls, making the maps render at a location was easy enough, as I've done previous work with maps.

The colored and grayed maps just didn't look right, so after a decent amount of work and a few helpful tips online, managed to get a sketch outline of the surrounding terrain. We are very happy how it has turned out, let us know what you think!

Click to enlarge.

Pictures in order are: Original colors, Gray scale, Zoomed out sketch, Sketch making process, First attempt zoomed in sketch, Final clue scroll sketch

Other improvements this week include: more commands, placeholders for scoreboard, and improved entity pathing (still not 100% for smaller mobs), viaversion added so clients on 1.14 can join (we will not be upgrading to 1.14 due to performance issues)


The store is now up with our newly created icons! Beta/Pre-release packages and more to be added soon! So go check it out!

New builder

We would like you to welcome Tom (AKA Thundercat57) to our team, he will be one of our main builders, we have been thinking up some juicy ideas for him to start doing. He will be streaming building on the server so please, following his twitch to get notified when he does!

Staff applications will be released soon, so you can join the team!


Mayneman has started work on recreating our music website, which allows you to listen to region specific runescape music as you wonder the world of Minescape

Also as you might notice the blog header has changed to a great image of port sarim (taken by Thundercat57), you can enjoy more of these great images at the end of the post

See you soon

With all this progress this week, I am confident we will be able to announce a release date very soon! So invite your friends, follow the twitter, join the forums and discord, we will see you next week!


More great images, when we release we will also post user submitted images here