Devblog #10 Fletching, Votepool & Models

Welcome back to the weekly updates, last week was missed due to unfortunate events but now we are back in full swing with a decent amount of content for this blog.


The largest component of this weeks update is fletching, you will be able to make all the normal / oak / willow / yew for shortbows / longbows and bronze / iron / steel / silver / mithril / adamant / runite for arrows / bolts / crossbows that you could ever dream of making!

Bowstrings can be made from flax which can be picked from the crafting guild near Rimmington, home teleport goes to Rimmington to make this more accessible. Crossbow strings are made from sinew which can be obtained by cooking meat on the range again, and then spun on the spinning wheel.


Votepools are ways for players to boost the server, currently only voting for double exp server wide for 3 hours costing 20 votespoints with more to come! Multiple people are able to combine their points to achieve this goal.

Please suggest ideas for the votepool on discord & trello.


Our great modeler has been working on some new models for us! I am so happy to release these also this weekend to you all.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, my favourite is the baby dragon he just looks so cute!


To help new players, this week we have implemented the quest guidance for tutorial island and the compass. The compass will guide to areas / stores in the game and can even follow quests (WIP), you can perform the command '/compass' to receive it.

Right clicking the compass will bring up and interface allowing you to select a destination. Please also suggest destinations in the discord & trello.

Looking forward to next week

Next week should be a big change to the map *wink* *wink* so be sure to follow the twitter, Instagram and join the discord to get the latest updates!

Other notable changes

  • Double exp left message
  • Faster shop restocking
  • Shops now properly load default items
  • Less spammy messages (inventory full et)
  • Random entity spawn not as far
  • Disable autowalk sprint and add delay to re-activate
  • Arrows fix drop 80%
  • Able to disable title by clicking it again
  • Switching characters rejoin instead of kicking
  • Make companions follow a bit more behind
  • Added style saving on logout
  • Smithing arrowtips
  • Alchemy sound
  • Hometeleport leads to rimmington
  • Add gem bracelets
  • Beta/Founder link traits
  • Sounds for teleport
  • Better default scoreboard
  • Add better info to grandexchange