Devblog #9 Crafting, Models & Badges

Welcome to this weeks update, I know you have been waiting for Crafting all week, it is finally here for you to enjoy!


The much requested skill is now here, some of you watched me live code it into the server, so here is a breakdown of what you will be able to do:

  • Spin wool into thread
  • Cut gems
  • Craft leather armor from tanned cowhides by paying Ellis in Al Kharid
  • Smelt jewellery with moulds: gold / sapphire / emerald / diamond, rings / necklaces / bracelets / amulets.


You can now earn badges, from being a founder/patron, being a subscriber to my twitch or donating bits, to being a youtuber or streamer! Pick up to two badges to display before your name in chat, show off your support for the server!

Doing '/badges' in game will bring up a list of badges.


We have had a new model made, with more on the way! Some of you already received it and have been enjoying having it as your pet! With so much of the world left to make we are excited for the models to come.

New Builder!

Talking about the world left to make, everyone please extend a warm welcome and raise your hand o/ for our newest builder to the team Coblekay! She has already started building for us on the dev server, we can't wait to show off the builds she is working on <3

We have more builders to feature and are still looking for more, so if you feel up to the task please fill out the form in #rules-and-info

New Characters

Creating new characters is now possible, currently limited to members whilst we test, they will be available in the store soon!

Members can do the command '/characters' to create and view their characters.

Help us grow

Some of you have been asking how you can help grow the server without donating and here are some ways:

  • Inviting friends: Next week will include referrals with rewards, so invite your friends now!
  • Voting: You can do this by doing /vote in game then clicking the message
  • Instagram: Follow and like our instagram
  • Twitter: Follow our twitter to receive updates as they happen!
  • On the web: Searching minescape/minescape server and click on our link will boost us in the ranking for search

Also join the giveaway at

Thanks everyone

Lastly a big thank you to everyone who has donated, subscribed and cheered us on this journey, we plan to keep growing and adding new content each week!

Double EXP weekends are now live so get to training that crafting!

Other updates

We are upwards 81000 lines of code, this week alone over 2300 lines, here are some noteworthy changes:

Command '/doubleexp' to see how long till double xp weekends
Shops & Mob drops added to '/items'
Ability to left click firemaking
Tanning by ellis
3 new announcements
Scoreboard variable prayer_points

Bug fixes:
Unable to leave treasure chest after opening
Water tiara now wearable
Specialty shops correct values
Alching not refunding runes
Tutorial island limited to max 50 of each item.
Mob drops in order
Stiles and ellis seting spawn for Karamja
Online players scoreboard displaying incorrectly
Bank depositing noted, deposited all noted
Head in scoreboards lagging the client
Viewing other players canceling by actions